Saturday, 20 December 2008

Bons fetes!

We are now in France on leave and looking after our friends farm whilst they go on holiday. Hen Harriers, Lapwing and plenty of thrushes too.
Thank you for your support this year and welcome to a new one soon!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Birds and Van Gogh ... Real fun.....

yes was. We found ourselves in Arles and at a delightful hotel next to the Amphitheatre - wonderful and fabulous. And not forgetting the painting country of Van Gogh.
The birding was something else. Normally, when I bird elsewhere there always seems to be a little niggle as to whether it will be as good as Islay. (I know I'm biased - I'm sure you all have your fave spots!) The Camargue did not let us down and was much better than I remember from fifteen years ago. We enjoyed exploring the area and finding birds from Cirl and Rock Bunting to Wall Creeper and Flamingo. Plenty of Egrets, Slender Billed and Yellow Legged gulls and raptors too. I cannot wait to go back. the food was fab we found two cracking wee restaurants and had time to take in the atmosphere too. Kevin and I will be leading a small group there in the spring. We will be doing it in 'retro ' style using trains to get there and enjoying the ambiance as well as birding too. If you are interested just let me know.