Tuesday 22 September 2009

car free day

every so often we have to have a re-think.
it happens to all of us.
over the past year we have been looking very carefully at our code of conduct
and our policies.
we try to live without too much impact on planet earth,
it is frustrating at times.
we are realising that unless we, as individuals, take responsibility then little will change.
big governments are big ....and slow
and even those who care about the future of our planet seem to have their hands tied.
we know that there are things we can control,
and we have choices:
sometimes hard,
hard before one makes them, and then easy once done.
we are at that point now.
today is world car free day and we are doing just that.
from the end of this week we will be car free as a business.
we will now use bicycles, tandems or feet.
if you wish us to guide you from a vehicle we can do one of two things: use yours or rent one for you with us driving ................
today is a good day for rethinking - thank you for helping us to be better

Wednesday 2 September 2009

green rant!!! climate change....

10:10 is being launched today, Franny Armstrong of The Age of Stupid (if you do not know about this movie then go and find out about it NOW!) and The Guardian newspaper have got together to get people into action rather than just talking about it! there are plenty of people out there who know about climate change, and the challenges that it brings but now 10:10 is about old-fashioned ideas of responsibility (a rare thing nowadays!) but also about a more enlightened understanding of our collective self-interest - (which means letting go of ego). It is about an optimistic view of what ordinary people can achieve, and of human nature itself. Now over to you.

Friday 28 August 2009

Raptor-ous Friday!

The folks who were out with us already had had some great birding
with Stuart on the walking safari earlier during the week and
yesterday it was the cherry on the cake. Having spent the morning
watching three Golden Eagles, numerous Raven and Pipits, Goldfinches,
and lots of Linnets, we headed to Bridgend a had stunning views of
Peregrine hunting waders and a Ringtail too. Fantastic!

Busy week

Taking out a lovely couple of families earlier this week was great.
We watched Whimbrel and other waders coming in from the north
foraged the shoreline, wild cooking and spending time just being and
absorbing the wonders of nature.
The rest of the week has been spent working onthe new TWMP
tweed cycling jacket that will be launched in London at the cycle show
in October. Gill from Mosquito who is working with us on this project
has spent three days with us.it has been fun and we have been out
biking and birding and discussing too!

Friday 14 August 2009

rain and away

Time has caught me again and so has the rain. What with preparation for the show and then the grass track racing with 35 kids the rain came down on Friday. Gannets fed on the loch - fabulous against the wild grey sky. Am off to catch the bus this am to take our eldest to the capital - she is playing at the Edinburgh Festival in an orchestra. We are staying with friends and doing bits and bobs on the mainland. back soon!

Wednesday 12 August 2009

sunday onwards

It was glorious and we enjoyed fishing and trying to catch sea trout whilst listening to Curlew, watching Redshank coming in and
wee groups of Dunlin too.A great Northern Diver flew overhead as the youngsters slept in! Although no trout happened upon us there were plenty of mussels and cockles for our wilderness paella on the beach - fabulous. The following morning was still as a still thing and the flying teeth were out in strength. Luckily the wind blew up ofr our cooked breakfast and then fire husbandry training afterwards.
Tuesday was much harder with rain and sea har and the group consisted of Swedes who were great fun. Birding was challenging and we managed till lunchtime and then - it was not worth it for anybody so we called it a day - we had had Chough, grasshopper warbler, Swallows, Starlings, Linnets and Eider amongst others. Oh and of course the numerous Buzzards that loiter of ever other post!
Today, Wednesday we were setting up the Port Mor Wheelers track for the Islay Show tomorrow - it rained a bit!

Saturday 8 August 2009

Saturday already!

Have been busy all week and somehow overlooked the blog....have been taking folks and families birding, biking, bushcraft and fishing too.
Gannets, Chough, Hen Harriers, Greylag geese, Merlin, Peregrine, wee Stonechats, Whinchats and waders too. Also plenty of fish have been caught and cooked as well as foraging for shellfish and seaweed and eating it too! A grand week!