Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Lesser Black Backed Spring Kit!

Out early this morning at up behind Port Charlotte were 2 Lesser Black Backed Gulls.Very rarely seen in winter, they certainly show spring is on it's way, as well as the odd Wheatear that has been seen too. Sandmartins are streaming over in Southern Britain but I still await them here. With the cold north winds things are certainly been held back! Our Megan, eldest daughter, saw a Bumble bee yesterday whilst emptying the compost.

I have been sent a poem form a bushcraft student who is pictured here leaving Port Ellen after the Feasach Ile course last year!. Thanks Dave Bliss - you make it all worth the wilderness !

Ninja Kit List - Dave Bliss

I'm travelling light this weekend,

The forest won't know that i'm here,

My knowledge is light as a feather,

And my Bushcraft is 'without peer'.

I'm carrying just the essentials,

I've pared it down to the bone,

I've got my waffer thin laptop,

And a Gucci pouch for me phone.

My new pants are made by Thermos,

I've a thing that makes Bushcrafty toast.

I couldn't decide which hammock to take

......So I finally settled on both !

My seating system is awesome :

A cammo recliner and stool,

It's made from tubes of titanium,

Upholstered in 'merino' wool

These binos are made by NASA,

Ranulf Ffiennes tested me socks,

And the chap that designed my combats,

Also did Princess Di's frocks.

My fare will be authentic and wholesome;

Just dried beans (for mountain man stew)

I've also got pot noodles,

and sweeties,Oh, and chokky bits too

Knives, to me, should be simple;

Function and form, hand in hand

The handle of this one is Dodo Shin :

There's only five in the land

Truthfully ? Axes bore me ;

You seen one, you seen em' all,

So I keep it down to the basics,

And just carry three..... as a rule.

You gotta know about water,

And how to make it pure.

I 'Pre-mac' and boil it 'till Sunday( and use "Volvic", Just to be sure).

I've got twelve ways to make fire

And I know that three of them work ;

I got a magnifying glass and "Swan Vestas"

( me "Zippo" is, just a perk ! )

I'm " keepin' it real " in Bushcraft,

My mates all think that I'm great,

But they had to change the venue

And didn't tell me 'till late .

So here I am , in the forest,

Just nature and nothing but dark.

That's it......I'm off home early :

Stuff that for a lark !!!!

I am sure it is the same for birders too.......