Wednesday, 9 April 2008

April - May Blossom

We were lucky today with the Wildwood Wisdom programme and with lots of children in the Hazel coppice learning about woodland management and building habitat piles. A Raven interrupeted our cocoa time - or did we it? Flying overhead and noisily commenting on our presence. We explored the woods, found some wonderful May Blossom and plenty of Primroses where we had cleared over the winter time. Although it hailed and rained a short while we were sheltered and the fire kept our spirits up. By lunchtime it had cleared up and we wandered around, finding a Roe Deer walllow and plenty of flora emerging too. Having made the habitat pile there was time to make bows and arrows and some hazel swords too. The new Factor came to visit and helped us back down the hill. A good time was had by all.