Sunday, 25 May 2008

Setting sun at the end of a long wilderness week

We went and returned - the whole week living in caves, watching sun sets and amazing ourslves at the wildness of Islay. In the north of this magical place lies even more. Following the transhumance route the Cuiart Breac expedition found everything form Miwort and Orchids to Green Hairsteaks and emerging Marsh Fritillaries to seabirds and terns and a single male Hen Harrier. Common Sandpipers were busy on the high wee lochens and we feasted on Limpets, Pignut and Wild Goat. Marvellous. The folks did their John Muir Awards and managed to get completely intot he swing fishing and nature watching - even if the Red Deer were recipricating the watching at times! Whlist I was leading this trip with Roger from Bison Bushcraft, Stuart was taking folks out on walking Safaris watching Golden Eagles on the Rhinns - so we had it all ways...

I know...we are SO lucky!