Friday, 19 September 2008

100's of Pale Bellies!

Yes that is right. Teaching a one to one Nature and Wilderness day and we started up at Killinallan to witness the arrival of large flocks of Pale Bellied Brents Geese. By the time we got down to Craigens we counted over 600 birds. A Ringtail flew over and spooked them and some headed for Strangford Loch in Northern Ireland. Others rested a wee while longer. Kestrel, Twite, Linnet and Curlew and then onto Dail Brush to Raven watch and do soem coppicing and bushcraft. Great fun. Long Tailed Tits, Goldcrest and Blue Tits accompanied us as we explored and enjoyed the magical woodland as the rain fell on th ehigh hill. Every so often a Red Deer stag bellowed. Autumn is just around the corner.