Thursday, 25 September 2008

French Film Red Deer

Out early once more today - before first light - I had dropped off our visiting photographer in the hide and then picked up th eFrnech Film Crew. We were hoping to film Red Deer. By mid morning the mist on th ehill had lifeted we had had some great views and had recorded some good bellowing. We then found a very tight family with a large stag and several females. The team managed to get a good hour on film and everybody was happy! On returning to pick up our photographer he had the news that although he had got some nice images of Rock Pipits he had noticed a distinct lack of waders, it was only when he looked out of the window of the hide there was Peregrine siting ten metres away from him! Just as he had sorted out his gear to caputre it - it flew off -- grrrrrr. Poor chap!