Friday, 20 March 2009

back from London out birding

Fabulous to be back. having travelled down to London all on public transport WITHOUT flying. Interestingly I was asked today about flying vs the ferry and coach to Glasgow. So I spent some time researching and using the magic calculators. If you have a return flight to Islay you use a total of 100kg of CO2 per flight - the smaller ferry uses approx 1500 tonnes of CO2 per annum - so if you wish to fly, then for 150 flights alone you could use an empty ferry for the whole year! ( and yes, it is possible to travel off Islay by other means than flying) As the plane only takes 29 passengers then it would only be 5.17 full flights to reach your ferry equivalent If you still insist on flying then try offsetting. Getting here needs consideration. Here's the good news: birding today was magical. Golden Eagle, Hen Harriers, Peregrine, Sanderling, Wheatear and House Martin were high lights. Finally at Killiallan a full summer plumage Red Throated Diver was a delight.