Friday, 25 January 2008

Hazel and Geese

Have spent the past two days in the coppice cutting rods/wands for the SNH. The wood allows us alot of shelter from the really heavy weather we are having at the moment. Hail and snow yesterday and high winds today. Lots of wee birds in the woods, tit, finches and a couple of Woodcock. Out in the fields the geese hang on desperately feeding and making themselves fat.

The resident Buzzards called above me as I worked, his melacholic mew got stolen by the wind and at other times it cuts through the hazel like a knife. As I was working yesterday the trees and inhabitants went silent. I looked up and a dog was wandering around on the edge. A whistle from outside shreiked and it disappeared. It took sometime for the status quo to return but return it did. Snowdrops are starting to show!