Thursday, 31 January 2008

Wet and Peregrine

This week has been just that - wet and windy. It is too easy to stay indoors doing chores - or reading various websites - I recommend - it always has a good quiz however, despite the driechness I have been out and about. Working in the coppice and birding here and there. Not without rewards: Four Chough up behind our house, plenty of Barnies and Whitefronts too.
Along the loch there have been loads of Oystercatchers and corvids feeding at Uiskentuie - the farmer has been muck spreading! At the merse yesterday - Wednesday - there were Dunlin, Ringed and Golden Plovers, a handful (7) of Knot and loads of Shelduck. Then a Peregrine stormed low over the sands and sent up everything - what a panic. It had it's radar on a wee Dunlin and closed in for the kill it. Took it to it's usually plucking knoll and as it settled down for a late lunch- of course being nature everything else eased back and got on with eating too.