Monday, 28 January 2008

Riding about and Purple Sands

No specific tours to report however have been out and about on the bicycle. It is a great way to see the nature and it's wildlife. The snowdrops are really pushing through all over and will be spectacular at Bridgend Woods. An Otter was spotted again at Shorefield and three Pink Feet stay loaf around the Merse. Purple Sandpipers at Bruichladdich are good to see. Only 8 as I pedaled past - there are probably more. Chough are active up behind the house. Yetsreday the children busied themselves with the garden bird watch and have been making feeders from Apples and sunflower seeds. (You push the seeds into an apple. It works pretty well.) Today is calmer once again and the temperature rose during the night. Last evening on our way back from supper at friends we stopped to watched two Barn Owls - fantastic.