Friday, 21 November 2008

Crazy day

Crazy day! The wind was from the north west and cold with it and our photographer was up for anything! We headed inland beyond Skerrols and were rewarded with fantastic views of a Sparrowhawk hunting over the wetlands. It perched on a fence stob and some fabulous images were taken from just 20 metres away.  The landrover is a super hide! We then met up with the beat keeper and congratulated him on his management of this land for Islay Estate  - plenty of wee finches )chaffies, Linnet,  Rockdoves and Red Stag on the hill. Returning to Indaal we watched Scaup, Great Northern Diver and a Long Tailed Duck.  Later as dusk fell we rounded off with Woodcock, Barn Owl and a lovely coffee at Debbies where our photographer met with Carol Ogilvie who illustrated plenty of wildfowl books by her husband Dr Malcolm Ogilvie - he had one from
the USA which she duly signed and drew a lovely Barnacle goose for him. What a day ...Crazy!