Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Long Tailed Ducks

It was a fabulous day all round. birding along Loch Indaal from the ICCI (Gaelic Centre) through
to Port Charlotte.  Plenty of duck; Scaup, Scoter, Eider, Teal, Wigeon, Shelduck, Megansers and seven Long  Tailed Ducks. We also had cracking views of Slavonian Grebes too. (this is especially for our Grebe fans in Leamington Spa!) After the past three days of storms the water was still and both views and light were superb.  A group of Whoopers arrived and then set off just as quick heading south - magical. On the hills behind us two Golden Eagles circled. Barnacle roosting on 
the sand - they have been feeding by the moon over the past days. 
It was good to get out with clients after the past ten days of looking after the homeschool - a change is as good as a rest!