Monday, 17 November 2008

Great Northern

We spent the day birding the Rhinns. Although wet later we escaped the early dampness and watched Loch Indaal. There were plenty of Barnacles roosting at the Merse - especially at 'smelly corner'! Down at the spit were 24 Pale Bellied Brent and one dark one.  A pair of Chough were good to see - we did not need the scopes - we just observed from the Landy. We stopped again at old St Michael's Church pull in past Port Mor and saw a cracking Great Northern. A field of redwing and Fieldfare were a delight and  Golden Plover, Whitefronts, young Gannet and Shearwaters kept us looking around Portnahaven. The rain crept in on our return it was almost dark by 16:00hrs!