Saturday, 23 February 2008

Friday Birds

Yesterday, I am writing this on Saturday, was wild, wild wild. Force eight and rain/hail too! We still went out. Spent the morning in Bridgend Woods; Siskin, Coal, Blue and Great Tits, Greenfiches and 3 Dippers - very clearly in different spots. The photographer amongst us
got some cracking images. Later we ventured around Gorm. Large flocks of Skylarks and Reed Buntings in fields - up to 50+ at a time, Black Headed Gulls with 'black' heads and geese clinging onto the grazing lands. Stopping at Crosshouses we saw 3 Snipe and several Teal as well as Curlew, Dunlin and Plovers on the sea shore. Despite the wildness we still saw 60 species of bird. Not a bad day!