Saturday, 9 February 2008

Wind and Wheels

A dry day but lots of wind as I was out training with a pal. As we we doing base miles we had to keep our heart rates below 130bpm so there was time to watch and stare - when the wind was not too strong. At Traigh and Luig there were 2 Chough, Oystercatchers and Curlew too. Up at Knocklearoch the were a couple of Whooper Swans on one of the duck pools and plenty of Whitefronts too. As we passed the farm the large flock of finches went up getting blown everywhere. My eyes latched onto one and I had a glimpse of white in the wings - was it a Snow Bunting? We 'll never know as we pressed on and they blew away! The sun shone on us to Port Ellen and on the low road we witnessed a distant Ringtail and soon we were back at Bruichladdich and, 74kms later, the Chough were still on the beach!