Sunday, 10 February 2008

Shelduck and Glaucous Gull

This morning whilst out with VC d'Ardbeg, despite the heads down mile eating clubmates, I did have time to notice a male Brambling at Mulindry. I was told stop birding and cycle. I should really know this as I have already made the mistake of multi tasking two years ago when I was watching some Pale Bellied Geese, came off my bike and broke a collarbone! This afternoon I took the girls out for a couple of hours birding around the Merse. At Bridgend we saw a Treecreeper, then onto the Merse: 112 Shelduck, numerous waders and gulls. One stood out and was quite alone; an adult Glaucous. Then onto Cross Houses to look over the sea. A very white Barnacle was spotted and a Lesser Canada too. Then sea watching: Two huge flocks of Scaup, 2 Great Northern Divers, a single Black Throat, Slavonian Grebe and 12 Pale Bellied Geese towards Black Rock. On our return 72 Curlew were feeding in the shorefield just before Port Charlotte.