Tuesday, 12 February 2008

White Fronts and World on the move

Later this afternoon we were out with the homeschool. Bar and and handful, 8, Blackwits on the merse, Shelduck, Scaup and Long Tailed Ducks, Eider and a couple of Scoter too. Chough at Uiskentuie and Great Northern Divers too. A lone Slavonian Grebe was diving regularly. It was flat calm so great for looking over the sea. Managed to see some cracking Whitefronts too!

The crocii and narcisii are now out in sheltered places and today is fabulous. Made even more so by coming in and listening to the BBC radio 4 programme World on the Move. Many will know we do not have a televison (the pictures are much better on the radio) and I urge you to listen to this fascinating programme on Tuesdays. Not only following Barnacle, Whitefront and Pale Bellied Brent Geese but Salmon, Arctic Sea Birds, Insects and Frogs and Toads. You can check it out by looking at
Enjoy and marvel!